The Pagua of I Ching governs the eight different aspects of our life (Pa means eight in Chinese), while the central domain is represented by the Tai Chi symbol of yin and yang. Therefore there are 9 sections in the Feng Shui Pagua, each with its own characteristics.

  • Career: represents your professional career, your job.
  • Knowledge: represents your capability to learn and understand; covers all aspects of your intellectual development.
  • Family: represents your relationships with close relatives.
  • Wealth: represents all aspects of your finances and prosperity; this is where the money chi is located.
  • Fame: represents personal achievement and public recognition; includes all aspects of your ability to obtain a respected social status.
  • Relationships: represents your relationships with those outside your family; the abilities to achieve mutual understanding with friends or lovers.
  • Children: represents your descendants as well as your fertility.
  • Helpful People: represents opportunities that people bring to you and help that you receive from other people.
  • Center: the center of the Pagua is connected to all of the other eight areas. It is represented by the element of earth, because the earth contains the necessary resources to support all our needs, whether family, wealth or fame. The Center represents all issues which are related to, but not included in, the other eight areas of Pagua. For instance, the issue of health: without a good Knowledge of health care, you will not have good health; without Wealth, it is difficult to obtain good health care; Helpful People may be pivotal in solving your health problems. Thus you can enhance the chi of your health by making adjustments in the Center area.

In the ancient Chinese house, the central room in the front of the house is called Ming Tang. This is where the host of the house would receive guests. It also serves as the entrance hall and is connected with all other rooms of the house.

The Pagua is used to determine the chi of your house (or any other room or building), which in turn affects corresponding aspects of your personal life. The orientation of the Pagua is always determined relative to the location of the main entrance and the center of the house, room or space in question -- the entrance is aligned with one of the lower three Guas (namely Knowledge, Career and Helpful people) and the center of the house or room defines the center of the Pagua. Thus, the Pagua divides the house or room into 9 sections, not necessarily all the same size.

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