Face Reading

* This page is a simplified version of my book and software, for more detail, please consult my book titled "Encyclopedia of Chinese Astrology", ISBN 0-9685735-0-9, or the software (with animations and music).

Face reading is the Chinese art of predicting a person's fortunes by analyzing the different elements of his or her face. It takes into account the shape of the following features of your face: ears, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheek, nose, mouth and chin. It can help to predict your future and guide you along the road of success.

The Chinese technique of face reading starts with the ears: the left ear tells your fate from birth until the age of seven, while the right ear corresponds to the ages of age 8 to 14. Next, the face is divided into 3 sections. The upper section includes the forehead, which determines your fate from age 15 to 30 and is called the celestial region. As the name suggests, your life during this period is dependent more on heaven than on your own efforts, and you are more or less protected by your parents and ancestors. The middle section, called the human region, runs from the eyebrows to the nose and dictates your destiny from 31 to 50. During this period, your success or your fortunes will rely mostly on your own efforts. Finally, the lower section, called the earthy region, includes the bottom of the nose to the chin and concerns your fate after the age of 50. This is a period in which your achievements on the earth are already well-established.

If the three regions are equally proportioned you will have a balanced life throughout your existence without any drastic changes, good or bad. If any of the three sections is larger or smaller than the other two, it means your fate will be better or worse during the corresponding time.

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